Shareholder Update

Exopharm (ASX: EX1) released a shareholder update to the market yesterday. A key point in the update was that the recent presentation by CCO Chris Baldwin at the Exosome TX conference demonstrating the company’s LEAP technology, has led to multiple partnership leads. Exopharm’s LEAP technology enables the company to produce exosomes at scale. It is the only technology in the world which allows exosomes to be produced in volume, which will become increasingly important as larger trials using exosomes progress. The development of Fortrexo CoV is progressing rapidly which is using engineered EV’s to target viruses including COVID-19 and stop them replicating.

Shares in Codiak BioSciences, which is the only other listed EV medicine company, have recently increased by more than 50% to USD 18.91 which gives the company a market capitalisation of A$475m versus Exopharm’s current market capitalisation of around A$50m.

The update highlights six major milestones reached during 2020 and states that 2021 promises to be a year of further transformation for the company. The update is very positive regarding the future outlook for Exopharm and it is well worth a read over the Christmas break.


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