Give your emerging business the best start with our capital raising and corporate advisory services.

Capital Raising Services

At Canary Capital, we are passionate about supporting start ups, early stage and emerging companies. Benefit from partnering with us to raise working and growth capital through our extensive investor and broker networks. Depending on the stage of your business, raise capital via angel, venture (VC), seed, mezzanine, debt, IPO, RTO, private placements and other funding options.

Pre-IPO Capital Raising

Our Pre-IPO capital raising aims to bring in savvy high net worth and strategic investors who share your vision. These sophisticated investors may also add value through their own networks and experience.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

We have a wealth of experience floating unlisted companies by offering shares to the public for the first time. We strategically advise you through the IPO process and help manage the after market.

Reverse Take Overs (RTO)

An RTO may be a simpler and less costly option to raise growth capital compared to an IPO. Reverse takeovers may also offer other strategic benefits that we would be able to advise you on.

Secondary Capital Raising

Raise further expansion capital through private placements or rights issues with our private investors. We can also find buyers for investors who wish to sell down equity stakes in their investments.

Boutique Corporate Advisory Services

Our corporate advisory services aim to help you build a long term, successful and sustainable business.

Strategic Advice

Unlock your business’ maximum value with strategic advice and analysis, capital structuring and shareholder management.

Investor Marketing

Save time by letting us help you with your ASX announcements, investor presentations, road shows and media announcements.

M&A Advisory

Gain greater growth prospects, diversification, customers and other assets through mergers and acquisitions of other businesses.

Board Members

We help secure and grow your business further by sourcing new board members with fresh ideas, experience and networks.

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