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LEAP Technology – Advanced EV Medicines from Blood Components
Exopharm has this morning also announced a non-binding Heads of Agreement with the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) Using Exopharm’s LEAP technology provides a way for blood centres to expand their businesses with new products which may help patients and medical professionals within their distribution chain. The agreement with the FRCBS allows for the use of the LEAP technology for EV purification from blood components.

“FRCBS has been working for many years on developing potential uses of extracellular vesicles from blood components such as platelets and plasma. A critical challenge has been purifying EVs efficiently and reproducibly. Once I understood the potential of LEAP for the purification of EVs from our blood components, it was clear the value that a collaboration could provide.” said Dr Saara Laitinen, R&D Manager at FRCBS and leader of the National EV Consortium, EVE.

“The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service has a long-standing tradition of being at the cutting edge of blood transfusion and therapies in Europe. Dr Laitinen and her team are the perfect first partners for manufacturing Plexaris and other blood EV products for Europe. We are equally excited to be preparing to transfer the LEAP technology to FRCBS so they can produce blood cell derived EV medicines,” said Dr Chris Baldwin, Exopharm’s Chief Commercial Officer. “For Exopharm, this is the first step in a series of anticipated licensing opportunities in 2021 for LEAP.”

Exopharm will present a webinar in collaboration with the Blood Centers of America to announce findings of a human study of EV medicines from platelets and discuss the use of the LEAP technology to produce EV products from other blood components. BCA member centres will also hear from FRCBS’ Dr Laitinen, who will discuss the potential for EV medicines from blood components such as platelets and red blood cells.

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