Allowing companies to instantly render dynamic views of their 3D data



Laser scanners allow us to easily capture the world around us in 3d. However, the resulting data sets created are huge, unwieldy and difficult to manage and use.

Enter pointerra, with its powerful cloud based technology allowing companies to instantly render dynamic views of their 3d data.

Pointerra has developed a powerful world first, patent pending, cloud based technology solution helping its clients visualise, manage and share massive 3d data sets.


World Class, Disruptive Technology

The technology is world class and highly disruptive. We believe Pointerra is therefore, very well positioned to earn significant revenues and profits in the high growth $500bn global geospatial technology sector.

First Mover Advantage

Globally, there is currently no other technology like Pointerra so it has a good opportunity to capitalise on its first mover advantage.

Furthermore, the technology doesn’t infringe on the hardware or software side of the value chain which positions Pointerra as a partner instead of a threat within the sector.

Highly Scalable, High Margin Business Model

The company has a well thought out strategy to commercialise the product through three key areas:

1. Data as a service (daas): allows customers to process, store and visualize their 3d data through pointerra’s secure cloud servers.

2. Analytics as a service (aaas): allows organisations to analyse their 3d data and unlock significant value. Pointerra helps develop custom analytics to solve digital asset management problems. Recent deals with uav market leader, precisionhawk, is generating recurring revenue throughout 2019.

3. Data market place: pointerra aims to create a global marketplace for 3d data where owners can upload and sell their data sets. This is a long term vision for the growth of pointerra.

Experienced Management Team

We believe Pointerra’s management team has the relevant knowledge experience and drive to make the company a success. Non-Executive Director (Paul Farrell) has 20 years experience in the GIS sector, implementing enterprise GIS solutions for global giants Esri and Google.

Low Market Capitalisation

The market capitalisation of 3DP is low relative to its growth potential. Management also have a strong incentive to deliver with the current performance share scheme.


What do Pointerra do?

Pointerra manage, analyse and monetize other people’s 3D data for them.

How much do people pay Pointerra?

Pointerra’s Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to manage 3D data is priced based on the amount of data (in terabytes) they are hosting and the number of users each customer requires. Pointerra also charge customers to process their data (Data Processing as a Service or DPaaS) and build/deploy analytics against (Analytics as a Service or AaaS) their data. Where Pointerra connect buyers and sellers of 3D data they typically agree on a revenue share.

How do Pointerra make money?

Pointerra is paid by clients to manage, develop and analyse their data.

What sectors do Pointerra customers operate in?

Linear infrastructure such as road, rail, pipeline, transmission and distribution; non-process infrastructure (civil and builtform); and process infrastructure mining, oil & gas plants.

Why do people need Pointerra?

3D data is hard to manage, use, analyse and share. Pointerra’s patent protected IP enables the manipulation of 3D data to be carried out easily, efficiently and cost effectively.

Do Pointerra have competitors?

There are numerous desktop and a few cloud solution competitors. Most cloud solutions focus on visualisation but can’t analyse quickly, efficiently or at mass scale.

Who are Pointerra’s customers?

Those engaged in capturing, surveyors, drone operators, aerial and satellite mapping; or using, AEC sector, asset owners, operators, insurers, regulators; 3D data to plan, design, construct/build, operate, maintain, insure and govern or regulate a physical asset.


Key Benefits of the Company’s Solution Are Ease and Efficiency.


Cost Effectiveness

Clients are able to swap a high capex spend to a low monthly operating expenditure through a simple data as a service (daas) fee to Pointerra.

Efficient Storage

Data is spatially indexed for efficient compression and storage.

Value Unlocking

Unlike current solutions, clients don’t need it specialists or technical knowledge to unlock the value of their geospatial assets.

Simple Real-Time Data Access

Search, access and analyse 3D data with easy dynamic web viewing tools.

Easy Data Sharing

Data can be quickly and easily shared with employees, clients and partners with subscription, permission and sharing management roles.

Data Anytime, Anywhere

Pinpoint accuracy with image rendering at unmatched scale and performance.



Lead Generation With Free Trials

Sales staff engage and sign up potential clients for free trials.

Upload Massive 3d Data Sets

During the trial period, a client's 3d data set is uploaded to the platform.

Sales Conversion

Trial users are converted to full paying clients and extra sales staff are hired as sales grow.


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