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Trawling for Ten Baggers : Podcast with Paul Hart

Opinion : Uranium

Find out why there is a resurgence in uranium as demand continues to outstrip supply and lift prices. Where are the ASX uranium stock opportunities?

Focus : Agriculture

Newsletter: Issue 3, January 10, 2019

Where are food commodity prices heading over the next decade and are agricultural investments likely to outperform the overall market?


Focus : Franking Credits & Electric Car Battery

Newsletter: Issue 2, December 21, 2018

How does Labor’s dividend imputation proposal stand up and how big will the environmental impact of electric car battery disposal be in the near future?


Opinion Piece: October 28, 2018.

As the US-China trade war tension heightens, it is difficult to ascertain which side will eventually concede.


Focus : Drone Technology

Newsletter: Issue 1, August 14, 2018.

The rapid growth of drone technology has regulators scrambling to keep up. While drones have many uses, they can also be exploited for criminal purposes.

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