red piranha (unlisted)

Red Piranha is an Australian world-class company that engineers and manufactures advanced security products for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and enterprises.

Its key advantage is giving these businesses an affordable, high-end solution to fight off cyber-crime, intrusion attempts and secure their data to meet modern compliance requirements.

Red Piranha’s main product, Crystal Eye, is a unified threat management (UTM) platform. It’s designed to be easy enough for enterprises to use and powerful enough for MSPs to see as a major game-changer when compared against competitors in the industry.

Crystal Eye is also described by global market intelligence company, IDC, as a “very compelling solution for the SMB market”.

key investment insights


Red Piranha is Australia’s only dedicated next generation firewall manufacturer (United Threat Management solutions). Currently, the Australian UTM market is serviced by a large portion of overseas companies. Crystal Eye (Red Piranha’s UTM) is Australian owned and designed in consultation with the Australian MSP community and for Australian compliance needs.


World-class board and management team ready to deliver an aggressive growth strategy. The CEO, Adam Bennett, is a MIT graduate and was one of the underpinning members of Anonymous – one of the “biggest forces of social change in the digital age”.

Compliance to Ever-Changing Regulations

Australian Government Data Breach Notification Laws came into effect on 23rd February 2018. This will require companies to ensure that they have sufficient cyber security measures I place to protect people’s private data. Directors and Officers of companies are also vulnerable to penalties if adequate cyber security measures are not in place to protect private data.


Cyber incidents are identified as the top business risk in Australia (Allianz Risk Barometer, 2018). Data breaches are costing Australian organisations an average of AUD$2.51m per breach. The global cost of data breaches will rise to $2.1 trillion by 2019, according to market analysts Juniper Research. New laws in the European Union came into effect in May 2017 (with fines up to EUR$10m for breaches by companies).


There has been a glaring omission of cyber security products designed and developed for Australian SMEs.

While most of the focus has been on providing solutions for large companies, 60% of local SMEs surveyed detected a security incident in 2017 (while 93% has said they would like a tool to help them manage cybercrime).

Current Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions for SMEs are incapable of supplying the critical controls and features required to protect them from cyber-attacks, at a reasonable price.

solution overview

Crystal Eye is a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution involving an approach to information security whereby a single hardware and or software-installation provides multiple security functions.

UTM simplifies information-security management by providing a single management and reporting point for the security administrator rather than managing multiple products from different vendors. This setup saves time, money and people compared to managing multiple security systems.

Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye product is categorised as a full-featured Network Access Control Appliance and Advanced UTM, incorporating high performance at a low price point and cutting-edge security features.


key sme solution benefits

low cost, superior performance

Red Piranha gives a holistic solution by offering enterprise-level security at a price point affordable to SMEs.

easier data compliance for business owners

Built into Crystal Eye, as part of the core system, are compliance features that let small and medium-sized businesses manage their security needs and meet compliance requirements.

advanced, next generation security

Crystal Eye is a multi-layered security next-generation firewall that increases security awareness, reducing risk exposure from advanced cybercrime, malicious software and insider threats.

more safer than ever before

Crystal Eye’s advanced Automated Actionable Intelligence feature processes over 14 million attacks a day. These attacks are then turned into defensive actions via its Threat Intelligence platform, keeping end clients safer than ever before.

easy, centralised management

Crystal Eye provides centralised information security, advanced threat management and alert capabilities.

more powerful than other solutions

“Red Piranha’s solutions for small and medium businesses are up to 200% more powerful than comparative products in the market allowing for true defence in depth controls to be implemented.”

products, services and solutions


Crystal Eye UTM Platform
Secure Email Gateway
SSL Digital Certificates


Contracted CSIO
Digital Forensic Services
Managed Security Service Provision MSSP
Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
Threat Intelligence and Analysis


Crystal Eye UTM Platform
Secure Email Gateway
SSL Digital Certificates
Security Incident Event management SIEM
Web Filtering
Next generation Backup

milestones roadmap

  • ongoing R&D

    Ongoing R&D using machine learning and AI, to improve detection and prevention methods

  • building partnerships

    Red Piranha is currently working in partnership with organisations such as AustCyber (a federal government initiative) with plans to increase Australia’s national threat intelligence ecosystem.

  • global expansion in 2019

    Red Piranha’s future strategy includes expansion into global markets during 2019

clients and partners


In conjunction with their target approach to MSPs, Red Piranha is working alongside AustCyber and the Australian Federal Government. Red Piranha has now been fast tracked for the Federal Government GovPitch Program.

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