Sensing (unlisted)

Sensing offers a system to aid governments in monitoring restricted air spaces around secure facilities. Unlike other commercially available radar systems, Sensing utilises a deep-learning algorithm to map out an object’s trajectory, destination and point of origin.

key investment insights

> Unique radar technology designed specifically for detecting small objects
> Successful trials at NSW prison
> Partnership agreement with Corrective Services Industries (CSI) NSW

Government involvement

Osprey is a system developed by Sensing as a joint initiative with the Corrective Services Industries NSW (CSI). The two parties have a 5-year contract that sees CSI assemble, test and distribute the Osprey radar sensors. Osprey will be deployed in numerous NSW prisons in 2019. Not only does Osprey improves the protection of staff and inmates, but it also minimises prison running costs thus reducing the public funding of CSNSW.

Technological innovation

Sensing’s radar-based UAV detection system is superior compared to its competitors’ non radar-based technologies since it remains effective in all weather conditions (e.g. rain/fog/snow) and cannot be defeated by modified drones such as in the case of the recent Gatwick Airport incident. For thrown object detection, Sensing is aware of no commercially available competitor.

Development partnership and Intellectual Property

The Australian Centre for Field Robotics (under USYD Faculty of Engineering) has been exclusively contracted to Sensing. Local development partnerships will augment the cost minimisation factors within the design/manufacturing process. The intellectual property is entirely owned and secured by Sensing, with NDA/Non-compete documentation established with subcontractors and consultants.

Other applications

Although initially Sensing only has only targeted prison-related clients, its technology is sufficiently versatile/adaptable to be applied to areas such as military use, border security, property protection, personal privacy, concerts and sporting arenas.

product suite



Advanced radar technology that uses the Micro Doppler (24GMz ISM band) to detect objects ignored by other commercially available systems.

It incorporates a deep learning algorithm (OspreyAI) to recognise shapes from spectrograph and predict trajectory, the point of origin and destination.

Osprey Air

This is a fixed medium-range UAV detection solution with a 1km range and 360-degree overage.



Nexus is an OEM management software product that:

> Connects Osprey Radar with other systems (i.e. security systems such as CCTV for integrated detection and response solution; integration with legacy systems and other manufacturers management systems);

> Is an intuitive software interface and;

> Enables managers to audit logs and reports.

Sensing is currently developing a product suite aimed at providing complete above-ground perimeter protection.

Industry Applications

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