Smart Marine Systems (SM8.ASX)

Smart Marine Systems

Smart Marine Systems Ltd is an Australian company based in Perth that develops and commercialises award-winning and patented marine technology products.

key investment insights


Smart Marine Systems is globally-recognised for providing information and technology solutions that can be deployed across oceans worldwide. The US has more than 3,200 patrolled beaches with an average size of 1 mile, creating a potential market size of USD$5B. There are also strong responses from US authorities (whom at the moment has no clear mitigation strategy), and the Federal Government has indicated high-likelihood for financial support.


Currently, the Clever Bouy technology is formally endorsed by the Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) and Surfing WA.

SM8’s Clever Buoy was also selected in a pilot program to ensure swimmers’ and surfers’ safety at Southern Californian beaches.

This video link shows a sonar recording from Balboa Pier. From human divers to seals, dolphins and bait balls, this clip culminates with White Pointer Shark detected last Sunday morning, 4th Nov, 2018

proven with science

SM8 has received preliminary results for its ongoing shark deterrent research. The results gathered over the past 2-years researching the behaviour of predatory sharks (in collaboration with Professor Nathan Hart of the Macquarie University Faculty of Science and Engineering and other research agencies) are used to improve various facets of SM8’s technology and product line.

better predictions with big data

Clever Bouy collects real-time data such as temperature and wave/current properties as well as beach safety data like water quality, salinity, pollution, radiation etc.

Smart Marine Systems also uses AI Learning and Marine Life swim-patter recognition algorithms to analyse data and generate probabilistic predictions. This assists the shark-recognition process, which allows the system to alert beach-goers in real-time.

Check out the live dashboard of environmental data produced by Clever Buoy and given to lifeguards and other key stakeholders.

product suite

Clever Buoy™

Clever Buoy™ is SM8’s marine monitoring platform is a shark-detection and response system that autonomously distinguishes and identifies large sharks from other species, and sends warning signals to lifeguards. Clever Buoy™ can provide researchers and beachgoers and with critical location and environmental information, and aims to assist in ensuring that beaches worldwide are safer. The system uses big data and AI learning to analyse the sharks’ swimming patterns and predict their movements.


Seabin is an Australian device that automatically catches floating rubbish, oil, and fuel from ocean surfaces. It is an automated cleaning technology that moves and works independently using the tides. As the device floats, a pump sucks in the water and passes it through a catch bag. Debris is left in the catch bag (20 kg max. capacity) and the water is then pushed back out into the open water (i.e. the ocean). Seabin can also be used for marinas, private pontoons, inland waterways, residential lakes, harbours, waterways ports and yacht clubs.

Milestones/Road Map – Clever Buoy USA strategy

Phase 1

US subsidiary

Establishment of US domiciled wholly owned subsidiary – Clever Bouy (USA) LLC – COMPLETED

New licence and royalty fees

Clever Bouy USA to hold exclusive rights to the Clever Bouy IP for the North American market and repatriate an annual licence fee and royalty fees to Clever Bouy (Australia) – COMPLETED

Environmental Approvals

and Permitting to operate in US Waters – COMPLETED

Pilot deployment

at Balboa, Newport California – COMPLETED

US rollout commitment

and funding for a six beach rollout in Orange County from Federal, State, County and City Departments – UNDERWAY

Phase 2

Roll out in California

that will deploy infrastructure on beaches and charge State/County/City municipalities fees for the safety information service – DISCUSSION COMMENCED

Release of expanded Clever Buoy Consumer App

that focuses on the safety and amenities of each beach on the CB network – COMPLETED AND ACTIVE

Installation of a “local” CB App

for every beach with the Clever Bouy network containing all live and/or historical shark detection data plus feeds of local marine data such as swell, wave height, period, temperature etc. COMPLETED

Leverage local advertising revenue

with the CB App collecting local data feeds for the total beach experience such as parking spaces, restaurants, surf lessons and local retailers given California has 200 million annual beach visits. IN DEVELOPMENT

recent media

ABC 30  – Newport Beach launches shark-detection pilot, “Clever Buoy” (11 Oct 2018)

Channel 10 news  – New shark detecting technology being tested (11 Oct 2018)

US Government  – Shark Detector Pilot to Go Live in Southern California (10 Oct 2018)


LA Times  – Newport Beach gets new shark-detecting buoy for 60-day trial (10 Oct 2018)

Macquarie University  – Wetsuits that hide humans from sharks (6 Apr 2018)

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