Invest directly into our best listed and unlisted micro and small cap opportunities.

Sophisticated and Wholesale Investors

As a sophisticated or wholesale investor, gain early access to our best listed and unlisted investment ideas. These opportunities are thoroughly vetted through extensive due diligence before they are offered to our clients. Where possible, we seek to co-invest alongside our clients. Our clients include family offices, high net worth individuals (HNWI), professional and experienced investors.

Wholesale investor benefits

Years of experience and a track record of superior returns in the micro and small cap stock market.

Our interests are aligned as we all invest together in the same exclusive opportunities.

Get the benefit of early access to our very best corporate investment options.

Are you an accredited wholesale investor?

To qualify for our corporate investment opportunities, you require a certificate from an accredited accountant that has been obtained within 6 months of accepting one of our wholesale offers. In Australia, the qualification criteria for a s708 or sophisticated investor is:

> $250,000 gross income per year for the last two financial years or,
> $2.5+ million worth of net assets

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