Sensing Offers a System to Aid Governments in Monitoring Restricted Air Spaces Around Secure Facilities.


Sensing offers a system to aid governments in monitoring restricted air spaces around secure facilities. Unlike other commercially available radar systems, sensing utilises a deep-learning algorithm to map out an object’s trajectory, destination and point of origin.

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Osprey – Small Object Radar

Osprey Provides the Only Solution Currently Available in the Market for the Accurate and Reliable Detection of Small Airborne Objects, Including Uav’s, Breaching a Perimeter.

Osprey Detects Airborne Objects, Large and Small, That May Contain Contraband Such as Drugs, Weapons, Ied’s, and Other Items That Threaten the Operation of Critical Facilities and the Wellbeing of Staff and Other Individuals. No Other Commercially Available System Can Reliably and Repeatedly Detect Contraband in Airborne Objects as Small as 41cmᵌ (2.5ᵌ Inches) in Flight.


Osprey Air

Sensing imports to Australia the Osprey Air, a radar that creates a dome of detection over areas where drones are unwelcome. The radars measure latitude, longitude and altitude of all aerial targets in up to a 1 km wide hemisphere dome – even directly above the radar with no gaps in coverage. The 3D tracking allows automated camera cueing, allowing operators to visually identify threats using thermal or traditional PTZ cameras. With the integrated Artificial Intelligence, nuisance alarms are minimised, as the software can discriminate between normal environmental flying objects (birds, bats, debris etc) and drone intrusions.



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Nexus Command and Control Interface

Sensing’s nexus command and control gui provides an intuitive, map-based user interface for networked osprey sensors. This enables set up, administrating operational functionality, the monitoring of all sensors and displaying the status of individual sensor nodes and zones. Multiple osprey radars can be overlapped to provide a detection area of virtually unlimited size.

The strength of nexus lies in its ability to combine the situational awareness alerts from osprey radar sensors, with virtually any number and combination of analogue and ip devices from different manufacturers. Nexus seamlessly integrates osprey radar sensors with cctv cameras, nvrs and a host of other types of devices.


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