Cholesterol-Lowering Program Delivers Two New Potent Drug Candidates

Nyrada has this morning announced the commencement of new in vivo studies using the same mouse model as previously to test their cholesterol lowering drug candidate PCSK9’in combination with a statin. This study aims to determine if NYX-PCSK9i enhances the efficacy of a statin drug when co-administered. In addition new chemistry work has identified two more potent candidates (NYX-PCSK9i-211 and NYX-PCSK9i-212) with improved drug-like characteristics when compared to NYX-PCSK9i. In vitro testing of the two new candidates confirmed that they have improved potency and bioavailability (absorption) compared to NYX-PCSK9i. These new candidates may be less prone to interactions with drugs prescribed to patients with high cholesterol. The new drugs will also be tested in a mouse model with study results being used to select the optimal candidate to move into safety and pharmacology studies at an internationally recognised Contract Research Organisation (CRO) before progressing into a Phase 1 first-in-human study. Previous in vivo preclinical studies that showed NYX-PCSK9i reduced total cholesterol by 57% without adverse side effects. Results from the current studies are expected in June this year.


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