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ZERO KNOWLEDGE and ZERO TRUST guarantees no unauthorised party can access your data, not even DekkoSecure.

DekkoSecure’s secure-by-design protocols ensure that your data is always protected, even from Dekko. All data on the platform is end-to-end encrypted and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.

This means that there is ZERO POSSIBILITY of unauthorised access.

Australian-owned DekkoSecure provides world-first technology and military-grade security that allows law enforcement agencies, government departments, healthcare organisations and other security conscious private organisations the ability to easily share, store and collaborate on highly sensitive information – without requiring app installation or complex encryption key management and infrastructure.

DekkoSecure’s competitive advantage is its unique, end-to-end encrypted security platform, which provides the highest levels of confidentiality and data protection. DekkoSecure’s platform is easy to use and affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for organisations of all sizes.

The secure-by-design all-in-one platform eliminates the need for third party integrations that traditionally create significant security risks. DekkoSecure has five powerful tools on the one platform that secures an organisations entire workflow. The tools allow an organisation to:

  • Share sensitive and protected level files securely.
  • Conduct video conferencing with total security and privacy.
  • Live edit documents with multiple parties in real time.
  • Sign legally binding documents with a complete audit trail.
  • Communicate with encrypted email in total privacy.



DekkoSecure’s clients include local and international law enforcement agencies, state and federal government departments, defence contractors, and organisations in fields such as healthcare and finance that have sensitive patient records or market sensitive or confidential IP.

Until now, there hasn’t been a truly secure, cloud-based digital solution for sharing and collaborating on sensitive information that organisations both like and trust.

In law enforcement and many other sectors, people are under pressure to work quickly. Strict, mandated security protocols such as PKI (public key infrastructure) encryption management are cumbersome and slow to use and transferring large files can be a problem.

To avoid this inconvenience and frustration, employees use USBs, hard copy files and unsecure email platforms instead, which are all subject to human error. Emails can be sent to the wrong person, USBs and printed files are lost, and hand delivering information back and forth is inefficient and cumbersome.


Clear Business Strategy

DekkoSecure has a proven product-market fit in the Government and Law enforcement space and with organisations who interface and collaborate with government. They are pursuing opportunities in these markets locally and in North America and India, through direct representation and local business partners. Because of the unique security features of the DekkoSecure platform they are also targeting highly security conscious public and private organisations. The healthcare sector is also a targeted sector due to their use of unsafe and outdated methods of sharing highly confidential patient records, reports, and sensitive data.

Scalable Business Model

Most of DekkoSecure’s growth to date has been by organic adoption and customer referral. The product now has a very solid and growing customer base, and they are well placed to expand into markets where they have a clear product-market fit. They have direct representation in North America and have already secured contracts in Canada with several other opportunities in the pipeline. They have also established a partnership in India and will be looking to develop relationships with other Indian partners. They are also actively seeking relationships in other countries with organisations who have relevant experience and can add value to their offering.

The Healthcare sector has been identified as a significant global opportunity. Of all business sectors the healthcare sector consistently reports the highest number of data breaches.  DekkoSecure have partnered with AAPi, (a 10,000-member organisation of psychologists in Australia) to help them overcome the problems they are experiencing with misaddressing and shared confidential patient records and reports.

They will also be directly targeting users of competitive products in the government and law enforcement markets that do not provide the same level of security as DekkoSecure. This is a significant global opportunity.

Successful Management

At the core of the DekkoSecure team are the founders and product developers, Jay Haybatov and Dmytro Bablinyuk, who have extensive commercial and government backgrounds in encryption and military cybersecurity. The management and commercial team is headed by CEO, Jacqui Nelson, who has a successful background in commercial strategy, finance, and business management. Phil Lee, DekkoSecure COO, also has many years’ experience leading and coaching businesses in the technology space, with a strong focus on growth, marketing and sales development.

High Barriers to Entry

The DekkoSecure IP is wholly owned by the company. There are many competing products but none have the level of security, ease of use, and functionality of the DekkoSecure platform. Only one other company in the world offers a true zero knowledge environment. Technically, true zero knowledge is very difficult to achieve which makes the barrier to entry very high. DekkoSecure is the only company in the world that provides secure file sharing, eSignatures, document collaboration, and video conferencing on the one, web-based, end-to-end encrypted platform.

Significant Investment Upside

DekkoSecure has now entered the expansion and growth phase of their existence. The anticipated rapid upscaling in sales and collaboration agreements should deliver a major upgrade in valuation and share price. All capital raising has been completed at a price higher than the previous raise. This should continue moving forward.

Global Customers and User Base

DekkoSecure is building an impressive list of customers and clients in Law Enforcement, Government, Healthcare, Banking and Finance and Specialty Services. A significant positive is not one customer has terminated or ceased use once operational. The key advantages of DekkoSecure are proving to be a major point in obtaining contracts as well as maintaining them. The significant selling points proving to be a substantial advantage for DekkoSecure are:





  • Independently tested & verified by Enex Test Labs.
  • IRAP assessed to PROTECTED level.
  • Guaranteed content privacy and integrity with end-to-end encryption.
  • Web-based platforms need no installation or training.
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud, DekkoSecure satisfies corporate and government data sovereignty requirements.
  • The only totally secure way to share, store and collaborate in the cloud.

The Product Offering

DekkoSecure for Government and Law Enforcement.

Share, sign and collaborate on OFFICIAL: Sensitive and PROTECTED level information.

  • Military-grade security with end-to-end encryption
  • Purpose built for government and law enforcement
  • IRAP assessed and independently audited

Share files securely without the need for risky manual processes.

DekkoSecure for Security-conscious Private Enterprises.

Eliminate the risk of your market sensitive information being breached or stolen.

  • Military-grade security with end-to-end encryption
  • Guaranteed chain of custody that records every interaction
  • Data sovereignty with jurisdictional control

Manage your entire workflow in one platform

DekkoSecure for Psychologists and Healthcare Professionals.

Protect the confidentiality of your patient records and communications.

  • No need to install software
  • One interface, easy to use
  • No need for IT support

Manage all confidential patient communications on one platform.



The Need for the Dekko Secure Platform

On June 6th, 2023, the notorious Russian-affiliated ransomware group, Clop, claimed responsibility for an attack that targeted Progress Software’s MOVEit data transfer tool.

This corporate file-sharing solution has an extensive customer base. Organisations use MOVEit for secure file transfers; it’s essentially a more jazzed-up, professional version of popular file-sharing tools like Dropbox. To date, it is known to have impacted more than 1,150 organizations and nearly 56 million individuals, putting its global cost at close to $11 billion.

Some notable recent Australian cyber-crime examples:

Healthcare Company – 9.7 million current and former customers in December 2022. The information released included service provider names and codes associated with the diagnosis and treatment of customers.

Telecommunications Company – September 2022 was one of the largest breaches in Australian history. In this breach personal information was comprised that impacted up to 9.8 million customers which was close to 40% of the Australian population. In this attack the data included was names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, passport information, driver’s license numbers, government ID numbers, medical records & Medicare card ID numbers.

Financial Company – In March 2022 reported a breach affecting 14 million people from Australia and New Zealand including Drivers Licenses, Passport numbers and Monthly Financial Statements. Full Name and contact details were also exposed as far back as 2005. This occurred when one employees’ credentials were stolen.

DekkoSecure provides the highest level of cloud-based information and file sharing security on the market. One of only a few truly end-to-end encrypted, zero trust and zero knowledge data sharing and collaboration platforms DekkoSecure is chosen by government and the most security conscious organisations. Had the users of MoveIT used the DekkoSecure platform instead, their confidential information would have been fully protected, unable to be stolen and remained totally confidential.


Key Testimonials

“DekkoSecure has a very strong encryption focus, a user-friendly gateway and we can send large files securely without breaching IT security rules. It replaced a very manual and time-consuming process using FTP encryption and keys.”

Law Enforcement – NSW State Govt. Dept.

“There are many solutions enabling quick data transfers, but they lack transparency and auditability. And they don’t have a security-first design. For us, auditability is the key feature with DekkoSecure eSignatures, that others don’t allow for.”

Partner – Financial Services Cyber Practice Firm 

“DekkoSecure file sharing is a great asset for us – a must-have. Providing my clients with end-to-end security and audit trails is a key identifier. Within our organisation, we do have workarounds, but DekkoSecure file sharing is push-button easy to deploy & use.”

CEO – Top Legal Services Firm


  • Jacqui Nelson

    Co-founder + CEO

    Jacqui Nelson, CEO of Dekkosecure, has a passion for innovation and success and making a positive contribution to business and society. To that end, she has been closely involved in the start-up and successful growth of several commercial and social enterprise ventures.

    Jacqui has worked as an equities trader and advisor at Bankers Trust Sydney & London, and on the UBS Warburg Equities dealing desk. She is also the founder and non-executive director of PSR Global Promotional Agency, and co-founder of Kids In Philanthropy, a non-profit organisation.

    As the CEO her role is to develop business plans that ensure alignment with DekkoSecure’s short and long-term growth objectives and to oversee the implementation of strategies that drive the achievement of those objectives.

  • Jay Haybatov

    Co Founder & Chief Architect

    Jay Haybatov is the co-founder and chief architect of the company. He has worked as a Principal Architect in Dimension Data, was the Head of the IT department at Azpetrol Oil Company, and Architect at Weatherford, where he built software used by ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Apache.

    He has also worked as a Consultant to the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan.

    Jay has received his M.Sc Maths & Computer Science.

  • Dimi Bablinyuk

    Co Founder & Chief Technical Officer

    Dmytro Bablinyuk is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of DekkoSecure.

    He has worked in Military Design & Development at NIIGM, a government research institute in Ukraine, and as an RT Technology developer working on public safety campaigns. He has also worked as a TAIT software design engineer and Lead Architect at NTT Australia.

    He has a Master of Science in Computer Science.

  • Phil Lee


    Phil has over 40 years’ experience starting and managing several IT businesses before transitioning to assisting leaders of technology companies with revenue growth. He has consulted widely to organisations such as, Oracle, Citrix, IBM and numerous SME’s.

    Phil has a strong focus on growth, marketing, sales development and customer experience.

    He holds a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

  • Alex Lyons

    Solutions Engineer

    Alex Lyons undertook an 18-month internship experience at IBM.  He has a B.Sc in IT, majoring in Information Systems and Software Design.

    Alex has extensive knowledge of the DekkoSecure product set, and the company’s value proposition. He also has a deep understanding of the customer’s core issues at an operational level, along with extensive knowledge of the competition.


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