Confidential Communication and Collaboration



Confidential Communication and Collaboration

Powered by some of the best minds in cybersecurity, Australian-owned DekkoSecure provides world-first technology and military-grade security to allow organisations the freedom to simply and securely communicate, share and collaborate on sensitive information – without requiring app installation or complex management and infrastructure.

  • Independently tested & verified by Enex Test Labs
  • All data kept within Australia on Microsoft Azure
  • Web-app simplicity and frictionless sign-up
  • Guaranteed content privacy and integrity with end-to-end encryption

The Launch of Dekkolynx

In a significant milestone for DekkoSecure, DekkoLynx, the world’s first, browser based, end-to-end encrypted video conferencing solution was launched on the 7th of July.

The explosive uptake of video conferencing has dramatically exposed the need for end-to-end meeting security.

DekkoLynx is the only solution in the world that has addressed this problem without feature limitations, app installation or complex management and infrastructure.

DekkoLynx has been designed for confidentiality and privacy during video conferencing calls by request from clientele. DekkoLynx conversations can never be watched, listened to, or recorded by anyone, other than those invited to the meeting. DekkoLynx is 100% secure.

Canary Capital is proud of its long term association with Dekkosecure and we look forward to its ongoing growth and success.



An end-to-end encrypted video conferencing tool that allows organisations to host meetings with guaranteed security.

Requiring no application download, DekkoLynx is an easy to use solution for professionals in need of private communication tools.

The explosive uptake of video conferencing has highlighted the need for organisations to dramatically increase their security in hosted meetings where sensitive, confidential or private information is discussed.

DekkoLynx protects your organisation by adopting the Three A’s principle to security:

Authorisation – Stops unwanted participants from entering your meeting and ensures that the meetings you enter are legitimate.

Authentication – Ensure your meeting’s integrity and guarantee that the environment that hosts the meeting is secure and hosted here in Australia.

Auditabilty – Maintains your meeting accountability by providing an immutable log of schedules, invites and attendance.

DekkoVault has all of the features you wish your ordinary file sharing service had with military-grade security. Sharing files and working on project folders with your team mates is fast, controllable and traceable.

  • No file size limits
  • File and folder collaboration
  • Granular permissions
  • Sharing expiry



With DekkoSign you can share documents securely in a view-only format from DekkoVault with one or multiple parties with complete peace of mind that no one other than an intended recipient can view or interact with it.

  • Sign + approve Documents
  • Watermark + place images
  • Multiple approvers
  • Add comments + notes


DekkoChat is instant messaging for your business and your business only. Discuss the most important business topics in real time in working groups to get the job done faster, securely.

  • Group conversations
  • See who’s online
  • Chat while you work



Ever wanted to know if someone’s read that email you sent them? Sent something by mistake? Hit that annoying email attachment limit? DekkoMail was built to be email 2.0 – email done the right way.

  • No attachment limit
  • Read receipts
  • True revoke


DekkoHub facilitates the isolation of teams and projects for both internal and internal-external workflows. DekkoHub are easy to set up and manage on the fly

  • Set user visibility
  • Eliminate misaddressing
  • Manage internal-external workflows


First Mover Advantage

DekkoSecure is an early mover in the secure communication market. Until now, technology solutions for secure communications have been treated as separate “addons” to existing infrastructure. In the current environment, where cyber threats and attacksare a daily occurrence across all industries, businesses can no longer rely on the status quo. DekkoSecure is the only company that offers end to end encrypted security.


Established Clients and Key Market Opportunities

Dekko already has an impressive list of security conscious organisations as clients and non-financial partners. They are also currently running high level proof of concept trials and demonstrations with numerous Federal and State Government departments.

The Federal Government’s Cyber Security Strategy includes a $230 million investment over four years. It is also planning to invest a further $156 million to build cyber resilience and expand the cyber workforce and provide additional funding for a whole of government cyber uplift programme.

Surge in demand for data security

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Friday 19 June 2020 that, based on the advice provided by the Federal Government’s cyber experts, a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor” was targeting Australian organisations.

“This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure,” Mr Morrison said.

“We know it’s a sophisticated state-based cyber actor because of the scale and nature of the targeting and the tradecraft used”.

“The Federal Government is aware of an alert to the threat of cyber attacks.”

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), which advises the Federal Government on cyber matters, has published a range of technical advisory notices in recent times to alert about potential targets and has been briefing states and territories on risks and mitigations.

The ACSC has also been actively working with targeted organisations to ensure that they have appropriate technical mitigations in place and their defences are appropriately raised.

“Regrettably, this activity is not new. But the frequency has been increasing,” Mr Morrison said, adding that these were “specific risks” associated with targeted activities.

“Thanks to the cooperation between the affected entities, the Australian cyber security service and a range of private cyber security providers, we have been working together to thwart this activity.”

Growing global cyber security market

The Cyber Security market in Australia is growing rapidly, while the global market is estimated to be USD 112.1billion (Fortune Business Insights) in 2019 and projected to increase to USD 281.7billion by 2027. A key driver in the growth of the market is the cost of severe financial penalties for companies that do not comply with mandatory data breach reporting. This is on top of negative publicity, brand damage and reduced organisational reputation.

In addition to this the video conferencing market is exploding as the world comes to grips on how to operate in a global pandemic. It is estimated that currently there are over 600 million video conference participants per day. The video conference software market is anticipated to be greater than USD 15billion by 2024.

Jacqui Nelson, CEO Dekkosecure

When raising money to grow your company it is critical to have a partner that understands your vision and that all money is not equal. Working with Paul and Arun from the Canary team to raise funds and accelerate our growth has been a fundamental part of our success at DekkoSecure

Jacqui NelsonCEO, DekkoSecure


  • Jacqui Nelson

    Co-founder + CEO

    Equites trader and advisor Bankers Trust Sydney & London, UBS Warburg Equities dealing desk.

    Founder & Non Exec Director – PSR Global Promotional Agency.

    Co-Founder Kids In Philanthropy – not for profit organisation

  • Jay Haybatov

    Co Founder & Chief Architect

    Principal Architect in Dimension Data.

    Head of IT Department Azpetrol Oil Company.

    Architect at Weatherford, built software used by ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Apache.

    Consultant to Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan.

    M.Sc Maths & Computer Science

  • Dimi Bablinyuk

    Co Founder & Chief Technical Officer

    Military design & development at NIIGM – Government Research Institute Ukraine. RT Technology developer working on Public Safety campaigns.

    TAIT software design engineer Lead architect at NTT Australia.

    M.Sc Computer Science

  • Alex Lyons

    Solutions Engineer

    18 month internship at IBM

    B.Sc in IT, majoring in Information Systems and Software Design


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