As a Sophisticated or Wholesale Investor, gain early access to our best Listed and Unlisted investment ideas. These opportunities are thoroughly vetted through extensive due diligence before they are offered to our clients. Where possible, we seek to co-invest alongside our clients. Our clients include Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Professional and Experienced investors.

Wholesale Investor Benefits

Years of experience and a track record of superior returns in the micro and small cap stock market.

Our interests are aligned as we all invest together in the same exclusive opportunities.

Get the benefit of early access to our very best corporate investment options.

Are You an Accredited Wholesale Investor?

To initially qualify for our corporate investment opportunities, you require a certificate from an accredited accountant with six months remaining till expiry. This certificate must be renewed every 2 years for continued access to these offers. In Australia, the qualification criteria for a S708 or Sophisticated Investor is:

    • >$250,000 gross income per year for the last two financial years or,

>$2.5 million of net assets


I have been an investor in the stock market and private businesses for over 15 years, and have dealt with numerous brokers of different sizes. I conducted research into Canary Capital several ago after I became aware they were corporate advisors for a stock I was carrying out due diligence on. From the moment I watched a short video involving Paul Hart, I was seriously impressed. Paul’s character reflected that of trust, deep knowledge & a level of astuteness I had not experienced in my investing career. I shortly after became a client of Canary’s, and the rest is history - We have had an outstanding run. Paul & Arun are a classy outfit, extremely professional, trustworthy, and highly intelligent. I am grateful to be a part of the Canary family.

Carl C

I am delighted to be able to provide a reference for Canary Capital and in doing so Arun and Paul.

I have been with Canary from the beginning of the Canary journey. The sole focus of Paul and Arun is wealth creation for their clients whilst in parallel delivering successful solutions for the companies they work with.

Canary (Arun and Paul) truly value their client relationships; they invest alongside clients and I have always found them highly ethical and extremely responsive in their availability for discussion on my specific investments all whilst providing an excellent level of overall communication on broader client portfolio information that is relevant to the companies they are supporting.

Their prior and ongoing success is a testament to their skill, work ethic and perseverance in identifying undervalued companies and helping same become valuable companies whilst taking their clients along on that value-add journey.

I have no hesitation in recommending Canary Capital as a partner in any wealth journey.

Paul M

I have dealt with Canary Capital since its inception and their knowledge and understanding of the microcap space is second to none. We have participated in numerous deals introduced by Canary that have done spectacularly well.

Andre MarschkeDirector, Scintilla Funds Management

I’ve been with Canary from the beginning. Their sole focus is wealth creation for their clients and success for the companies they work with.

Canary value their relationships, they invest alongside the client , on an ethical and communication level I’ve found them flawless.

Their outstanding success is a testament to their skill ,hard work and perseverance in identifying undervalued companies and helping them become valuable ones

Michael M

Canary Capital are a pleasure to deal with and are always transparent, clear with their communication. The strategic investment approach has delivered exceptional results and positions in businesses with strong foundations for the future. We trust their judgment and advice and with very high confidence highly recommend their services.

Antonio M

Since I became a client of Canary Capital five years ago, I’ve been extremely impressed with their offering. When Canary supports a deal, I now come to expect that they have identified a high-quality, under-valued business with strong management in a promising industry. And that shows in their track-record, which is as good as it gets in the micro and small cap space.

I've always found the Canary team open and easy to work and they have earned my trust and respect with consistently great service over many years

Nick A


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