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Tru Recognition Ltd was established in early 2016 by John McGiffin. The focus of the Company was to transform the Security Industry by leveraging security cameras for more than just security purposes.

Tru Recognition developed a worldwide first-to-market solution for recognising the make and model of vehicles for billboard marketing purposes. Deployments included campaigns for Porsche, Lexus, Chevy and even Paramount Studios for the launch of the Transformer 5 movie. Canon and Tru Recognition jointly developed a demonstration lab in Sydney. Canon invited many of their customers to the lab where Tru Recognition demonstrated a wide range of analytics using Canon CCTV hardware. This technology included Facial Recognition, Licence Plate Recognition and Demographics Recognition as an example. Through this process Tru Recognition learnt that a range of large corporate customers were confused about which Recognition Technologies to choose. They were also not achieving the level of accuracy expected. Furthermore, they wished to maximise their CCTV assets and leverage them for purposes other than Security. This led Tru Recognition to create its world first RaaS (Recognition as a Service) platform, being a multi-side and unified platform which utilised best-of-breed Recognition Technologies.

These technologies were complemented with a series of pre-processing and enhancement capabilities. Rather than building AI models, which would mean confronting significant competitors head on, Tru Recognition approach was to build a platform which was AI agnostic. This would deliver much higher levels of business value and enable Recognition Technologies to be scaled in a way not previously seen.

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Clear Business Strategy

Tru Recognition has addressed the key challenges facing both customers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) producers in their desire to use and leverage AI. These are as follows:

  1. Existing security camera systems are not designed with AI in mind.
  2. Customers are limited to single supply providers
  3. Complexity makes sensor/camera AI difficult to deploy and scale at an enterprise level
  4. Concerns relating to privacy and ethics
  5. Difficulty commercialising AI models
  6. The ongoing commoditisation of AI models
  7. Difficulty getting the appropriate camera feeds and security access

These dynamics combined with the ever-increasing number of AI engines currently available (108+ facial recognition, 70+ Licence Plate recognition, 60+ Vehicle Make/Model recognition and 10+ Safety Equipment recognition) has resulted in the commercialisation and investment returns for both customers and AI companies to be minimal.

By developing technology that is AI agnostic, in conjunction with the ability to run multiple AI engines, Tru Recognition have addressed the concerns of both users and producers of AI models. In combination with globally recognised channel partners and a high margin low-cost SaaS revenue model Tru Recognition have a significant strategic advantage over any other local or global player in the Recognition as a Service (RaaS) marketplace.

Scalable Business Model

The Tru Recognition platform is a highly scalable global RaaS platform. The customer simply has to select the required AI Recognition Engines from the marketplace. Minimal technical work and coding is required and therefore minimal cost is incurred by Tru Recognition.

Gartner Incorporated estimates that by 2025 Recognition Technologies will be a standard element in more than 80% of new video surveillance installations (compared to less than 30% in 2020) It places Tru Recognition in the position to scale rapidly without high costs. In addition, with the best-in-class global strategic channel partners the business is ideally placed to enable companies worldwide to maximise their existing recognition assets. With global 5G networks requiring commercialisation by telecommunication companies Tru Recognition is in the ideal position for global expansion.

Successful Management

Tru Recognition is led by its founder and CEO John McGiffin. John is a leader in Artificial Intelligence in Australia and a member of the AI working group with Standards Australia focusing on data and AI trustworthiness.

John deployed Tru Recognitions leading-edge Recognition Technologies for Billboard companies in the United States and Australia within months of inception. The business model he has created for the RaaS Platform, with the significant business-value add, continues to be validated daily by the growing list of customers who are invested in John’s vision for the future.

In a very short period, John has employed key personnel with track records of outstanding success and achievements. Key appointments include:

  • Max Bolkovsky – Head of Strategic Sales and Marketing Max Bolkovsky brings with him 25+ years professional experience to the TRU Recognition team, both in Channel and Vendor organisations. Throughout his career, Max has worked closely with revenue, field and marketing teams. He has been pivotal in accelerating growth whilst developing and implementing strategies to secure business success.
  • Kent Ramchand the Chief Technical Officer, has over 20 years’ experience in consulting and enterprise leadership across Telstra and strategic accounts with IBM. Kent’s technical experience will be a key driver in ensuring Tru Recognition maintains its competitive position well ahead of it’s competitors.
  • Robert Pertich the Company Secretary has over 25 years financial experience as a CPA and company director. Robert provides the sound financial acumen and experience required for rapidly expanding companies.

High Barriers to Entry

Tru Recognition have developed their own unique platform with an integrated pattern of transcoding, decision modelling, replay video and decision support.  In conjunction with strong relationships with critical partners this will ensure minimal direct competition. Tru Recognition is unique in the industry as it is AI agnostic. Unlike all other players, Tru Recognition allows the customer to choose the best engines and algorithms from the marketplace. This has avoided significant development costs and the reduced value of investments in technology as AI engines become commoditised.

Tru Recognition has also been developing a strong global sales channel with Ingram Micro (CloudBlue Marketplace) and 5G network infrastructure manufacturers to ensure unprecedented access to telecom carriers. By being first it has made it significantly harder for other players to establish relationships. It is estimated TruRecognition has a 12-to-18-month advantage over any competitor who desires to replicate the Tru Recognition offering.

Significant Investment Upside

Tru Recognition is ideally placed to take advantage of the key growth drivers in the market, mainly:

  1. Customers looking for enterprise solutions which scale and reduce complexity.
  2. 5G telecommunication companies having invested heavily in their networks now looking to monetise their investment.
  3. The global and rapid rise in adoption of AI in recognition technologies.

It is estimated that as a minimum, there is a US $10 billion market opportunity for Tru Recognition. This does not include future and adjacent market opportunities.

There are currently over 1 Billion CCTV cameras globally and growing at 30 % p.a.  This clearly underpins the growth that recognition technology will be undertaking in the future.


The RaaS Platform has global appeal with very strong commercialisation channels and opportunities. The RaaS platform addresses real world problems for customers thereby transforming their businesses via automation.

RaaS leverages previous investment by customers in cameras and sensor technology, as well as managing end-to-end video & imagery pipelines across the enterprise in a highly scalable manner. This has not been previously possible. The one-stop plug and play marketplace and orchestration engine allows customers to select the best AI/Machine learning models and engines suitable for their needs.

The scaling of recognition technologies, combined with monetisation and optimisation of 5G networks, will deliver financial benefits and increase efficiencies. This in turn will lead to significant RaaS opportunities unfolding. The benefits will include, but not be limited to:

  • Single infrastructure
  • Reduced video latency and bandwidth
  • Repeatable processes, and
  • Multiple recognition technologies using the same platform.

Some examples of recognition technology that can be used are:

  • Aggression recognition
  • Heat maps
  • Queue length recognition
  • People counting
  • Fuel drive-off recognition, and
  • Empirical customer experience recognition.

Tru Recognition is rapidly transitioning into a SaaS business (instead of a services/consulting company) as the RaaS (Recognition as a Service) platform rolls out. It is anticipated a gross margin of 80% or more will be achieved with limited or nil bespoke customer service required.


Market Segments

Tru Recognition is currently focusing on three specific business areas with a geographic focus on Australasia. The three Industry sectors are:

  1. Security/Law Enforcement
  2. Telecommunication Companies
  3. Retail

The primary focus on the commercial rollout is through channel partners – Telstra, xAmplify, Risk 2 Solution and a major international 5G provider. As the business grows and scales up Healthcare, Shipping Ports, Agriculture and Aquaculture segments will be developed.

Geographically the business will expand into North America and Great Britain. In May 2023 Tru Recognition launched into the North American market at the Ingram Cloud Summit with CloudBlue. The CloudBlue partnership will enable Tru Recognition to:

  • Rapidly expand global scalability with access to 120,000 globally active reseller channels looking for new revenue channels
  • Provide powerful service catalogues, ordering and automated provisioning
  • Enable Tru Recognition to easily scale globally
  • Enable “federation” and partnerships with telecommunication and cloud providers


Global Partners

Tru Recognition has developed relationships with significant global channel partners both at a local and global level in a relatively short period of time. The implementation of the RaaS platform into Dallas, Texas with a global 5G provider is a major endorsement of the technology. The 5G manufacturer undertook a detailed financial analysis to validate the likelihood of success before commencing with the Company. The opportunity is globally significant to Tru Recognition though the business is not dependent on this opportunity for success. It does however significantly validate the RaaS platform.

Reasons to Invest in Tru Recognition

Clear organisational vision.

“To be the leading worldwide recognition and correlation platform”.  

Market Differentiation.

    • No direct competition
    • Twelve-to-eighteen-month lead on any future competitor
    • Developed patentable IP and relationships with critical partners


Leverages the key growth drivers in the market place:

    • Rapid Enterprise Adoption of AI at a global level
    • Customers are looking for enterprise solutions which scale and to reduce complexity
    • Monetisation of 5G technology (has been built but underutilised)


Addresses the market challenges for AI users:

    • Leverages the significant underutilised investment in cameras and sensor technology
    • Provides a comprehensive approach towards privacy, security and ethics concerns
    • One stop plug and play marketplace allows customers to select the best AI/Machine learning models for their needs
    • Allows end-to-end video & audio imagery pipelines in a highly scalable manner that was not previously possible


Significant growing addressable market

      • $10B+ by 2025
      • Enormous adjacent AI markets – $42B by 2025
      • Currently 1 Billion CCTV cameras globally growing at 30% p.a.

    Recurring high margin revenue streams

          • Recognition as a Service (RaaS)
          • + 80% Gross Margins


    Track record of delivering and achieving stated goals

        • Sales demonstration platform launched
        • Leading global 5G manufacturer validates RaaS platform
        • Completed Telstra 5G & Security sales opportunities
        • Employed key personnel to deliver business growth


  • Mr John McGiffin

    CEO & Founder

    Revolutionising vision-based artificial-intelligence technologies in Australia, John McGiffin is highly respected in the AI technology field as he leads the way forward with Deep Recognition.

    With a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering, John burst into the Corporate IT arena, leading large teams of multi-disciplinary personnel from success to success, always striving to take his team to the next level.

    Passionate about highly integrated, business-value platforms and with an imaginative insight for how they may be developed to help shape our world, John took a remarkable leap of faith to found Deep Recognition and bring his vision to life.

  • Max Bolkovsky

    Head of Strategic Sales and Marketing

    Max Bolkovsky brings with him 25+ years professional experience to the TRU Recognition team, both in Channel and Vendor organisations. Throughout his career, Max has worked closely with revenue, field and marketing teams. He has been pivotal in accelerating growth whilst developing and implementing strategies to secure business success.

  • Mr Rob Pertich

    Non-Executive Director

    An experienced CPA with over 25 years industry experience. He advises, audits and consults to a wide range of public companies as well as a Board member of a number of companies. Robert is also a Responsible Manager for an AFSL and has a strong background in compliance and corporate restructuring.

  • Mr Kent Ramchand


    Kent has over 20 years’ experience in consulting and enterprise architecture leadership across Telstra & IBM Strategic Accounts. He has a passion for emerging technology in Cloud, AI, Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Analytics, and IoT, and making these relevant to our client’s businesses’. Kent’s technical eminence has been gained through IT Architect certification in Application Architecture from The Open Group. He has six published papers at various global and local conferences and is a PhD Candidate in Cloud Computing and Distributed Artificial Intelligence at Swinburne University


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