HTG Annual Report 2021

Key priorities for the Group during FY2021 were to build on momentum with
a new pipeline of vessel projects, delivery of the Group Strategic Plan,
achievement of milestones in the product development roadmap,
establishment of development agreements with established key global
players, and a targeted expansion of the US subsidiary to capitalise on
available opportunities, each driven by a focus on revenue growth and
ongoing diversification of customer base. Highlights of FY2021 include:

  • Release of the Group’s Three Phase Corporate Strategic Plan
  • Group entered a tripartite global marketing alliance with Inmarsat
    Enterprise (Inmarsat) and Applied Satellite Technology Group (AST)
  • Establishment of the Company’s wholly owned U.S. subsidiary,
    Opsivity Inc. 1
  • Integration of Infinity remote communications platform into
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (drones)
  • Infinity product suite expanded to include RemTeq™ for agnostic
    remote control operations from anywhere in the world
  • Group selected as Key Supplier for Nodestream technology on Ocean
    Infinity’s largest oceangoing robotic fleet in the world
ASX RELEASE 29.10.2021


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