Nyrada’s NYX-PCSK9i with Statin Achieves 65% Cholesterol Reduction in Preclinical Study

Nyrada Inc have this morning announced encouraging results from an invivo study of their PCSK9i cholesterol inhibitor combined with Pfizer’s statin Lipitor. The results in a mouse model showed that cholesterol was reduced by 65% when the two drugs were combined. Importantly the cholesterol levels were still trending down when the study finished at 35 days. There were no adverse events identified and the drug was well tolerated with no significant changes in food intake, body weight or liver function observed.

Nyrada’s PCSK9i inhibitor reduced cholesterol by 46% when administered alone outperforming a control group taking Lipitor alone which produced a 27% reduction in cholesterol. These results highlight the potential of combining this new class of PCSK9 inhibitor with Lipitor to achieve more significant reductions cholesterol for patients around the world. Lipitor has been the best-selling drug worldwide with lifetime sales of US$164 billion. It was also the most prescribed drug in Australia during 2020.

Today’s results support the selection of PCSK9i as the preferred compound for preclinical safety pharmacology and toxicology studies at an internationally recognised Contract Research Organisation, which will be run in late Q3 and Q4 2021. Phase 1 human trials are expected to commence in early 2022 once regulatory approvals are received.


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