Auric Mining: Mining to Recommence at Jeffreys Find. Toll Mill Contract for Minimum 300,000 Tonnes.

Auric Mining Limited (ASX:AWJ) announced that the company has signed a toll milling agreement with the Greenfields Mill in Coolgardie to process a minimum of 300,000 tonnes of ore in 2024 from stage 2 of the Jeffreys Find Gold Mine. Mobilisation of equipment has commenced with mining to start the week commencing 4th of March, 2024. The first delivery of ore to the mill is expected to occur in Mid-April this year.

Stage 1 production from the Jeffreys Find Gold Mine delivered a $4.8M surplus to Auric from 175,000 tonnes of ore. Given stage 2 is a significantly larger operation, we expect it to generate significant positive cash flow for Auric during late 2024 and early 2025. The company has paid $1.0M to BML as a working capital contribution. This will be paid back before profits are distributed to the joint venture partners.

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