Biome Australia – Company presentation April 2024

Biome Business Opportunity

  • Novel range of Live Biotherapeutics with co-prescribing medication opportunity
  • Landmark IP Deal executed on novel probiotic strains
  • Three ongoing clinical trials on key products
  • International Expansion — UK, Irish health retail market launch to support existing HCP market
  • Delivering $50,000+ per sqm gross margin return on floor space in top accounts
  • Over 5,000 distribution points (Aus) following successful launch with Priceline Pharmacy
  • Average shopper — 2.1 units per transaction and 6 visits per year in pharmacy (TerryWhite)
  • #1 Professional Probiotic brand in Australian Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) Market
  • Activated Probiotics #1 brand for growth in TerryWhite and Priceline Pharmacy
  • Activated Probiotics #1 brand for growth with Symbion, API Wholesale and entire pharmacy market (VMS)
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