Incannex Limited -World Renowned International Psychedelics Experts Join Clarion Clinics Advisory Board

• Three world-leading clinical psychedelics experts join Clarion Clinics Advisory Board.
o Dr. Bill Richards is among the world’s best known psychedelic researchers and practitioners. He has had a multi-decade career at the forefront of psychedelic research, therapy, and training, and is a mentor and trainer to numerous research groups around the world. He co-founded the psychedelic research group at Johns Hopkins University and is the Director of Therapy at Sunstone Therapies in Maryland, US.
o Dr. Andrea Jungaberle is the Chief Medical Officer of Ovid Clinics in Berlin and co-founder of the MIND Foundation, Europe’s leading psychedelic research and education group. She has conducted and/or supervised psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for hundreds of patients and works both within Germany’s largest clinical psilocybin trial and within clinical service delivery.
o Professor Matthew Johnson is one of the world’s most published psychedelic scientists. He has been central in the establishment and leading track record of the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic & Consciousness Research, and his work has contributed to standards in practice within clinical psychedelic science. As a high-profile scientist in his field, he is frequently interviewed by national and international media outlets.



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