Incannex Provides Access to Financial Advisory Firm to Shareholders for Advice Pertaining to Transition from ASX to Nasdaq

Melbourne, Australia, 01 August 2023 – Incannex Healthcare Limited (NASDAQ: IXHL) (ASX: IHL),
(‘Incannex’, ‘IHL’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to announce that it has engaged independent financial
planning firm MLS Financial (‘MLS’) to provide advice to IHL shareholders with self-managed
superannuation funds (‘SMSF’), a superannuation fund holding or similar products, on matters
associated with the proposed uplisting to U.S. shares on the Nasdaq and delisting of Australian shares
on ASX.

The purpose of this unprecedented engagement is to assist shareholders who have their IHL
shareholding in a superannuation account. Engaging MLS will ensure that shareholdersreceive qualified
independent, and strictly confidential advice that takes into consideration all factors that contribute to
the account holder’s financial position.

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