Tru Recognition Investor Update Apr-May 2022

• Deep Recognition have been successful in winning 2 contracts with a major Law Enforcement Agency. One of the contracts is for the deployment of a production system with the second being for the deployment of a proof of concept. Once fully executed over the next 3-12 months these projects are expected to generate $1 -2M in revenue.
• The Company have signed up an additional 2 resellers both of which are very actively promoting their RaaS Platform.
• Ranald (Head of Business Development & Product Management) and John (CEO) were invited to attend a conference in Miami with CloudBlue. (CloudBlue covered all airfares and accommodation etc). Deep Recognition is leveraging the CloudBlue marketplace to enable them to scale globally. Both Ranald and John were invited to present at this international conference. They received very strong engagement from potential channel partners.
• As detailed in their last Investor update, Deep Recognition successfully deployed a POC for a very large Supermarket chain. Following this implementation, Deep Recognition have been asked to provide pricing for RaaS across their 1,000+ sites.
• The Company are currently finalising contracts for a pending deployment in July 2022 with one of Australia’s largest Telecommunications companies. This work relates to the deployment of their RaaS platform using a world-first approach. This technology deployment is being used by the Telecommunication company to evaluate the RaaS solution prior to them promoting this nationally into their retail customers.
• Enhancement of the RaaS platform is tracking very well
• Deep Recognition personnel have been working with a global 5G manufacturer who are partnering with Deep Recognition with the goal of jointly approaching global Telecommunication companies with a combined offering. This potentially involves the setup of a joint Experience Centre in the US and Australia where Deep Recognition will be involved in demonstrations to customer etc. This initiative is significant for Deep Recognition.
• Deep Recognition were made very aware, whilst at the CloudBlue Summit, of the global significance in leveraging the CloudBlue platform for their Recognition as a Service Platform. The financial rewards and ability to scale globally make the CloudBlue platform of significant importance to them. CloudBlue is an enterprise grade solution with all billing and contracts managed by the CloudBlue platform. This approach will enable Deep recognition to exceed their current financial forecasts.

Investor Update May 2022


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