Biome Australia Limited

Biome Releases First Half FY2024 Results

● Biome reports record half year and quarterly sales revenue (H1FY24 $6.02m;
Q2FY24 $3.3m)
● FY24 revenue guidance upgraded to $12.5m in January 2024
● Biome signed landmark biological intellectual property agreement to
develop and solely own multiple novel probiotic strains in December 2023
● Biome announced new cholesterol-lowering probiotic, Biome Cholesterol™
Probiotic for release in H2FY24
● Biome successfully launched three new condition-specific live
biotherapeutic products, Biome Dental™ Probiotic, Biome Lax™ Probiotic
and Biome Recovery™ Probiotic in H1FY24
● Biome management reaffirms the company expects to achieve first positive
monthly EBITDA by June 2024
● January’s launch into the European health retail channel has commenced
with key distributor partners including CLF in the United Kingdom and
iiHealthfoods in the Republic of Ireland
● Biome reports gross margin increase to 60% as at 31 December 2023

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