April 2023 Update

  • New TRU Recognition branding and release of version 1.0 of Platform opens door for Marketing.
  • New TRU Recognition Platform video launched
  • TRU Recognition secures additional project work with major Law Enforcement agency
  • Global 5G Manufacture in commercialisation discussions with TRU Recognition
  • Focus on Loss Prevention
  • TRU Recognition co–launching with another (2nd) Australian Telco and Cloud Hosting Provider who are travelling to our Experience Centre from the US.
  • Feedback from customers visiting new TRU Experience Centre has been exceptional
  • TRU Recognition participating at Customer Experience Event
  • Australian Telco fund expansion of TRU Experience Centre at 5G Innovation Centre with potential for other sites
  • Cyber Security Assessment of TRU Recognition about to commence by major retailer
April update


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